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Enjoy the great food in Shanghai

In Shanghai lots of different people and cultures get together, and that´s reflected in the city´s cuisine. Eclectic and vibrant as the city it self, the restaurant scene is booming and holds a lot of options for the gourmets and gourmands.

No Contest

Words can't really describe what it's like eating at Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet. Over the course of 20 exceptional dishes, both your mind and your mouth will be boggled. From a designated meeting spot, guests are whisked to a windowless room in a secret location. Here, projections on the walls and the table change with each serving, as do the smells, sounds and even the room temperature. This truly is a once in a lifetime eating experience, alone worth the trip to Shanghai.

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet

Dreamy Dumplings

Although Shanghai is now dripping in five-star international eateries, the small-scale local restaurants still hold their own. Shanghai's most iconic food stuff is the addictive soup dumplings known as Xiao Long Bao. These little parcels of comfort can be found in hole-in-the-wall restaurants all over the city, but you can't go wrong at the longstanding Jia Jia Tang Bao in People's Square.

Jia Jia Tang

90 Huanghe Rd, Huangpu District

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Photo: 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA

Italian Stallion

Italian chef Umberto Bombana - whose restaurant of the same name (8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA), in Hong Kong, China, has three Michelin stars - has certainly not lost his touch for Italian cooking after living in Asia for 15 years. With faultless service and indulgent views of the Huangpu River, this could well be the best high-end Italian restaurant in Shanghai. If you still have space to fill after the White Truffle Risotto, steak or homemade pasta, treat yourself to the Tiramisu - it's exquisite.

8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA

6-7/F, Mission Building, 169 Yuanmingyuan Road, Huangpu District

Granny Knows Best

For good Chinese food, big portions and a vibrant atmosphere, Shanghai Grandmother rules them all. There's almost always a queue to get in, but it goes quickly and once you're seated the service is alarmingly efficient. Be sure to order the sweet & sour pork belly and the fried liver in soy sauce, both of which are to die for.

Shanghai Grandmother

70 Fuzhou Rd, WaiTan, Huangpu District

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A Piece of Paradise

Lost Heaven is a Shanghai expat and visitor favorite, serving up scrumptious "Yunnan folk cuisine" via recipes from minority tribes living in the southwestern Chinese province. The interior of the restaurant - with its smorgasbord of photographs, art, crafts and writings - is a real selling point, as is the open-air rooftop bar when the weather permits. Try the Burmese-style Shrimp Salad and the Ancient Trail Crispy Chicken.

Lost Heaven

17a Yanan East Road Huangpu District

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